Davide Quadri of Lega Salvini interviews Rowan Croft

Davide Quadri, Coordinator for Lega Salvini asks Rowan Croft about Far Left political violence and the current state of Irish politics.

Yet another milkshake attack by the hands of far left activists, also know as Antifa. Why do you think these individuals feel empowered to attack with impunity right wing activists like you?

How much does the Mainstream media have to do with this?

Antifa in Ireland differs from other countries in that it is centralized and functions more like a single organisation. Leaders of Antifa Ireland are firmly embedded with the “Anti-Racism” NGO sector, which operate almost entirely on funding from the Irish government, the EU, and Open Society Foundations

my assailant is a leader of one of these EU/Soros funded NGOs, and constantly professes her support for Antifa

I believe that it is the fact that Irish Antifa gets paid by the taxpayer that they feel empowered to attack with impunity

2- What would have happened if the attacker had been a right winger and the victim an open borders advocate? Would the media cover it the same way?

physical attacks on right wingers are still relatively rare in Ireland, the last high profile attack happening to Peter O’Loughlin of Identity Ireland in 2016 for which a camera crew for State Media outlet RTE were on the scene

right wing violence against the left is even rarer

but it is likely the Media in Ireland would heavily embellish any such incident of it. Many journalists in the Irish Media move in the same circles as the “Anti Racism” NGO sector, and all too often write sympathetically of them

3- Is the lack of arguments of certain leftists groups which often leads to violence against peaceful right wing activists? Do you believe this far left radicalization problem will escalate in the future years?The Irish far left has no arguments, they believe it best to deplatform opinions they dont like rather than see them challenged. When deplatforming doesnt work they resort to intimidation. I do believe this is a problem that is getting worse, already we see American style college protests against speakers on Irish campuses

4: Is there a public debate about Free speech in Ireland?

Do you believe Free Speech is in danger because of the current political environment in Ireland?

Public debate over Free Speech in Ireland is confined to Alternative Media, which is quite underdeveloped. Mainstream Media and Politicians rarely mention the issue

Rowan Croft pictured with steward at Irish March for Life which attracted 10,000 marchers, the largest Irish political demonstration of 2019.

5 – Recently there was the “March for Life”, is still very popular the abortion issue, despite the referendum won by pro-abortion, and in your opinion what’s the main issue for the new right wing party?

Abortion is no longer a core issue for the Irish Right. However, the coalition built campaigning against abortion before the referendum is well organised and still capable of mobolizing thousands of people to take to the streets

10,000 turned out for the march, making it the biggest political march in Ireland this year. It is imperative that this coalition refocuses its energy on newer more pressing issues such as opposing mass immigration, and preserving Irish sovereignty

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