Alt media is lost without alt finance, and so far, the incumbents have been successful at keeping out all competition, through their ownership of the means of transmitting money. How can alternative ideas or movements get started if there are starved of cash as soon as they start? Unless you are paying your counterparty in cash, that is face to face or peer to peer, the transmission of value over distance will require a trusted third party. This is one of the roles of banks and credit card companies in modern society. Sadly the line between finance and the growing State and its interests is ever more faded.

This is a larger issue than one of technological capture by government, it is the growing octopus of global finance and the war on cash that removes all anonymity – “the Mark of the Beast” if you wish to be biblical. Your money is inflated away even as they invade your privacy and remove your freedom to interact with whom you choose.

Although Vox suggests that Asian financial bodies may see an opportunity and get involved, I am not sure if this fills me with hope either.

But there is hope, 10 years ago this year , an unknown person released an internet protocol that allow peer to peer transfer of digital money – you heard of it, it’s called Bitcoin.

The innovation of bitcoin is not the fact that it is digital cash, it is that it is decentralised – it requires no “trusted ” third party such as Visa or Mastercard to transmit.  There is no way it can be stopped, it doesn’t need permission or the blessing of our elites, and the above article is exactly the problem it was designed to solve. Bitcoin is intimately intertwined with the consent of the sender.

It may be hard to see, but the world is on a clear trend of decentralisation. Expect this whisper to grow into a gale in the next 5 years and blow away the plans of the centralisers, the gatekeepers and tyrants who would tell us what to do or not do with our time, money and interest. After alt finance is established, then the disruption of centralised education, media and economics is all but assured.

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