The Millennial Generation is the generation born between 1981 and 1996, their parents are the generation x and Baby Boomers, a wider generational divide you will probably never find in history

I’m not the only one of course. The financial crisis of 2008/09 similarly shattered the worldview of tens, if not hundreds of millions of people across the globe. I believe that the old manner of doing things as far as organizing an economy and society died for good during that crisis and its aftermath. Sure it’s been shadily and undemocratically propped up ever since, and we haven’t yet transitioned to what’s next, but for all intents and purposes it’s dead. It’s dead because it has no credibility.

– FromThe Generational Wheels Are Turning

My parents give advice, which although given in the best of faith is at best inaccurate, and at worst counter productive and wealth destroying.  They do this as the paradigm they grew up and profited under only really lasts a generation and they are too old to grasp the disruptive system which though only a whisper now, will become a roar in the next half decade .   Age old values may be true and valuable but that is not be confused with old systems. Their values of hard work ,thrift , saving and deferred gratification will always lead to success and are the bedrock of a sound society. But those values should not be mistakenly conflated with the current landscape of  zombie banks, pension schemes that will never pay out, defunct socialist promises and shibboleths about the great moderation or radical centrism .

The Irish economy has a disturbing tendency to eat its young. Given our history of emigration this is little remarked upon, but those who are learned on Austrian School economics know that the malinvestments driven by interest rate manipulation are the cause of our boom and bust cycles that so often consume our best and brightest. Rather than stick around to fix it, our young have often just left, this has acted as a pressure valve of irish society – bleeding off the disaffected youth which in other societies cause revolution. Our last overheated economy, built  on clay feet of a crazed property market still echoes in society, particularly those who were just out of college or school in the depths of that same bubble. The lost earnings and time unemployed has left many disoriented and with minimal savings, and although a recovery is underway, another crash will undo whatever gains have been made since 2010.

It is for this reason Millennials are screwed. They are between the between the rock of central banks inflating away their meager savings (the savings that survive DIRT it must be noted) , and the hard place of an ostensibly caring government who sees them more as a tax cattle to prop up the aging boomers and expansive welfare state rather than the next generation of free persons.  Tax in ireland is amongst the most progressive in the world, the vast majority of people pay far less than the marginal rate of 52%, which is made up of the highest rates of income tax (41%), PRSI (4%) and USC (7%) that apply to incomes above €34,550. Yet, €34,550 is not a lot of money, especially when combined with the high rents, the depressed wage growth due to immigration and heavy government regulation.  These facts belie the optimism – it is very hard for any millennial to accumulate enough wealth to get as far as his parents did at the same age

Social justice is the de facto religion of the current cohort of politicians that govern  this nation, as is its spin off justices of climate justice, gender rights and inequality.  But if you are one of those types who does not  get the benefit of a rent seeking victimhood status, that is to say white straight males, well for you is a particularly brutal shivving and obvious lack of justice.   The centralization of banking, education and social policy in the hands of the leftoid hivemind has fuelled a need for constant victims to explain why the system is not working – why the equalist utopia has not been achieved, despite the promises of of the centralisers who it must be noted are all Boomers/Gen xers.  So it falls again on Millenials not only to take the debasement of their economic life, but also to accept, with willing grace, the destruction of their society into a world in where any success, or possibility of success, is denounced as privilege or taxed away and given via the state to another. The omnipresent infiltration of social justice into our school system is merely a front for the transfer of cultural capital and social largesse from the owners of a socio-economic heritage to non owners

The 2008/2009 crisis was the beginning of the Millennial awakening, and this awakening will be complete with the dawning of the next crisis – in my estimation a certainty by 2020.  The massive misallocation of resources by the state – economic, social, cultural and demographic resources, positively guarantee this coming crisis.

When this crisis comes though, the Millennials will not be caught standing around for their lives and wealth to expropriated towards some social or economic bailout. Quite the opposite, the Millennials will likely collapse the system even further by the conscious or unconscious non compliance.

Expect Millennials to opt out of the economic system and its fraudulent  “social contract with some refusing to work, and others perhaps using crypto currencies to preserve their hard earned resources – and expect them to be the real holders of wealth when the Fiat money system finally dies.  This alone will cause a huge reorientation of social values, as boomers and other “no coiners” of the legacy system find themselves impoverished, as the welfare state collapses when the tax sheep no longer decide to stand around to be sheared

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The educational industrial complex will no longer be able to offer the promise of a happy middle class life , with its free access for all degree mill policies and will see a corresponding diminishment of its attendance and influence in society. Information is free after all on the internet, and free from political interference by virtue of its decentralised nature.

The male Millennials  will opt out of the social system by delaying marriage or avoiding it all together via philosophies such as MGTOW – this will be devastating for the divorce industrial complex, the tax base and the feminist bubble, all of which operate on the presumption that men will work at 100% output for wife, kids and taxman. If Millenials do form families, expect them to be shockingly traditional. Feminism as a political power grab will be destroyed by this, much to the pain of the women (and men) invested in its ongoing truculence.  

Millenials will opt out of the media and political machine, by disavowing the multicultural utopia that has clearly not arrived,  and they have lived cheek by jowl with its failed aspects. With this too dies the mainstream media monster and the politicians who have had an easy ride on it. The “global brain” of podcasts, blogs and message boards has a far higher and more accurate throughput of information and is disdainful of modern mono-politics and its globalist ideals.  Dilettantes in the mainstream media are already wringing their hands at the rise of “fake news”, driven by the crowd sourced internet, – just wait for what’s coming down the line.

The Crisis of 2008 has effectively shattered the world view of a generation – the promises of their parents no longer hold true and they have no investment in the current system. A suite of technological , social and demographic changes are sweeping down upon our society at a unprecedented pace, and it will ensure that the mainstay pillars of the post war society – Mainstream Media, the redistributive state, Multiculturalism, and left wing “tolerances” are showing serious cracks by 2020, and are finally swept away in the following decade.  

We have possibly passed peak boomer, and the coming decades will be what the Millenials want it be. If a society can no longer incentivise its young people to buy into the system, they will either opt out by the means above or take for themselves the future they are owed by foul means if they feel they cannot obtain it through fair means. EIther way, after the next crash happens , and as the smoke clears it will be the millennials left standing, and its in their image that they will remake the world.

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