Schmutz Und Schund: I’m Delighted to be joined by Dr Jones as we discuss his teaching on Logos and the plan for Ireland.

Grand Torino

Grand Torino is a YouTube content creator, citizen journalist, political activist. At a time when freedom of speech is under attack from the EU and the Irish government, truth is at a premium. He believes that freedom of speech is of upmost importance.

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  • This video is so informative for the ppl who would like to understand what’s happ nming in society. I myself am so glad you cover this issue because I feel also it is at the core of what’s taken out of our society and which needs to be put back so that we can have a base to move forward. Morality has cleverly been given a going over with the social engineers to the extent that if you say you believe in the moral order or you believe in a higher nature (God) you’re laughed at. I’m done with that fear because I think we’re in a battle between good and evil right now. Its time to speak up.

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