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Grand Torino

Grand Torino is a YouTube content creator, citizen journalist, political activist. At a time when freedom of speech is under attack from the EU and the Irish government, truth is at a premium. He believes that freedom of speech is of upmost importance.

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  • I’m from Derry and I support all the Truth tellers the world over exposing the Deceptions of 9/11…Climate… New World Order…. Open Borders.. Syria /Middle East shannanigans… Clinton/Democrats Corruptions… MSM and the EU et al.
    At a local level the Traitors who are SF and to lesser extent the SDLP are the ‘ruling paradigm’ over the sheeple… spreading confusion over the Brexit /backstop scenario.
    I support Brexit and Irexit and Trump.
    While SF et al are openly collaborating there is a little known group which has control over the Bloody Sunday Committee and they are controlled opposition at best.. I suspect they are a blatant George Soros outfit.
    Local dissident groups keep fighting the wrong war but have the potential to get on side. At present they are clueless about culture wars and the EU… and open Borders tactics to weaken National Sovereignty and Identities and have no idea of the Bigger picture.

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