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Grand Torino

Grand Torino is a YouTube content creator, citizen journalist, political activist. At a time when freedom of speech is under attack from the EU and the Irish government, truth is at a premium. He believes that freedom of speech is of upmost importance.

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  • Irish People do not have to apologize to anyone! We did not Colonise or invade any country in the World. We are not Imperialists! In fact, despite what happened to Ireland and the Irish People over 800yrs we were forced abroad by our Corrupt Governments. We sent our best,educated and trained in Ireland, abroad to rebuild countries in the aftermath of Colonization, Imperialism,civil wars,World Wars. We saved Europe, USA, UK, AUSTRALIA,ARGENTINA,CANADA, just to name a few. Despite being SOLD OUT by Rome we sent Missionaries abroad throughout the globe, to educate and heal the masses. Yes, we are owed BIG TIME, but for all you Big Players Out there, we will not ask,request, or demand ANYTHING from you! Just leave us alone, do not interfere with your GLOBALIZATION,EU, UN, AGENDA 21, we will deal with our own Traitors! YOU, may not know or care of IRISH HISTORY, but we do…..and we know of YOUR HISTORY…..BUTT OUT……BACK OFF……the game is up

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